• Focus has been on custom engines and drive trains to order, engine and drive train rebuilds and restorations.
  • Component development and tools.


  • Developed our windowed degree wheel, oil pump seat cutting tool, oil pump plunger tool, 7075 Panhead rocker arm bearings, leak proof Pan cover gaskets, leak proof Knucklehead rocker seals and a few other goodies. 
  • Built custom configured engines for most of the notable bike builders in the United States and abroad. Shipped engines to 27 different countries.
  • Built custom engines with dual carbs, dual carb manifolds, dual spark plugs, blowers, nitrous, turbo chargers, dual rear heads, dual front heads, combination of heads, aluminum cylinders for Panheads and Knuckleheads.
  • Restored antique engines, rebuilt engines of all descriptions and combinations.
  • Built and ran the first reproduction Crocker style engine.
  • Built engines that were involved in winning The Rats Hole Show (3 times), Discovery Channel Biker Build-Off, AMD shows, Sturgis shows, Daytona shows, the Canadian show circuit and many, many other shows and events.
  • Gypsy Charros used one of our dual rear head Knuckleheads to win a 2006 Biker Build-Off.
  • Bikes with our custom engines have been featured on almost every motorcycle magazine cover in the United States and abroad.
  • Developed our Outlaw 120. The 120 cubic inch Panhead with piston oilers, roller rockers, long connecting rods, high deck cases! This engine won Motor of the Year in 2006 at the V-Twin Expo.
  • Built engine for Easyrider 30th anniversary. Jerry and David Covington built the beautiful bike.
  • Set two records at Bonneville with Keith Ball using our Outlaw 120 Panhead.
  • Many, many other milestones.


  • Entered our 103 cubic inch Panhead in the HotBike big inch shoot out. We placed third against a Merch 131 cu. in. and Merch 120 cu. in. We made 91 horsepower and 97 lb. ft. of torque with our standard over the counter 9:1 compression engine. Thank you Frank Kaisler.


  • We built a 103 cubic inch Panhead and our first 103 cubic inch Knucklehead for the Indy trade show. These two engines were beautiful and they were a hit! We were now “the” new vintage engine builders and the orders were pouring in from all over the world! We received the contract to build the Panzer 90 cubic inch Panhead style engines. We also did the pre-EPA testing for Panzer that proved to be very successful and saved a lot of EPA testing money. We built 812 of these Panhead style engines for Panzer along with 5 other style and cubic inch combinations for them over the next 16 months.


  • Anders Nygren and his father Ake visited with us here in Dothan and agreed upon a deal where we would become a dealer for their newly founded company, Flathead Power. We picked up our first inventory shipment at the Davenport, Iowa antique swap meet and began to configure the first Knucklehead we wanted to produce. 


  • We moved from Georgia to Dothan, Alabama, our present location. We filled this beautiful 12,000 sq. ft. building with modern machinery, welders, dynos and everything else we thought we would need to build turn-key, first class, beautiful, dependable new and restored engines and drive trains. 


  • Moved to Georgia to expand business. Too difficult and costly from Alaska! Re-opened Accurate Engineering with help from my dear friend from Alaska, Craig “Zig” Zoet. Zig purchased a building and I moved in and went to work. Very tough times these were! Dave Withrow (thank you Dave) let me run an ad for a “special” price in Hot Bike magazine for an engine building service. It was literally all of the money I had left and that is with a family and a new born. This ad got me a customer in Norway that wanted a “brand new”, big inch Panhead. I came up with our now famous 103” Panhead, 3.8125” bore and 4.500” stroke. I was able to do this with some very creative thinking if I do say so myself. This was way before you could get completed heads, crankcases, ignition systems and other components. It’s easy today (2012) but not so back then. The customer ordered three more and that is what kicked off Accurate Engineering being associated with the Panhead revival!


  • Moved to Fairbanks, Alaska and worked for Old Bill Fenderson at the Farthest North Outpost Harley-Davidson dealership. Teamed up with Mike Gill, Willie Cork and Glenn “Fingers” Eiler to form Rough Boy Racing, Alaska’s first all Harley-Davidson drag race team. Won or placed in almost every race we attended. We dominated, for the first time ever in Alaska, the jap bike scene. Set many e.t. and m.p.h. state and track records. Ran Alaska’s first “pro” side-by-side Harley drag race, pro fuel vs. top gas. My top gas won with a 9.49 e.t. @ 139.00 m.p.h. on an air strip in Nenana, Alaska. A state record! Pro fuel bike burped at the line. Came by me so fast that he darn near blew my jacket over my head, but too late I had crossed the line. Luck counts! Left H-D to open Midnight Sun Cycles with some very good friends. My son Jennings Wardlaw was born on 2-15-94. These were some of the best years of my life.


  • Moved to Melbourne, Florida to work at H.M.W. and began my lasting friendship and working relationship with Rogue.


  • Moved to Big Pine Key in the Florida Keys and opened U.S. 1 Cycles in Marathon, Florida.


  • Left working for Buddy Stubb’s H-D, the best boss I ever had, to open Accurate Engineering on Cave Creek Rd., Phoenix, Arizona.

Accurate Engineering is the nation’s premier custom motorcycle engine builder. Headed by Berry Wardlaw, a revered engine builder and winner of the coveted "Engine of the Year" award at the Easyriders V-Twin Expo in 2006. For the past 20 years Accurate Engineering has been the goto source for many of the notable bike builders today and featured multiple times on the hit TV show Biker Buildoff on Discovery Channel. Today we accept orders on an individual bases and look forward to building your custom engine. Give us a call at (334) 702-1993!

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