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BERRY WARDLAW SURVIVES CRASH-- On the way home to his shop Accurate Engineering in Dothan Alabama, Berry Wardlaw the famous motorcycle engine builder was in a motorcycle wreck and survived even though the 2004 Harley-Davidson motorcycle he was riding was totaled. Berry and I were traveling East on I-90 and had just re-entered the interstate after getting fuel. We were in the right lane getting up to speed; he was on the left and me slightly behind him to the right. There was an opening and I watched him move his head slightly to check traffic as he made the move to the left lane. Just as he made that move a tire came out of the trailer in front of us carrying motorcycles, it did a wobble and settled in the center of the left lane. The only thing he could do was to try and get around it on the left and he almost made it. His right floorboard caught the outside of the tire and sent him into the grass median. He fought to maintain control but the ground was damp and soft, the motorcycle got side ways and went down and I watched it start to flip as I went by.

I stopped as quickly as I could with out getting run over and made my way back to him. Two other riders had stopped to help and numerous others followed as the vehicle that caused this continued on its way. By the time I reached him he was up and walking. After checking him we checked the bike, which was sitting on the side of the road with the wheels straight up in the air. He told me to get my camera and take some pictures as he said "ain't no one going to believe this" referring to the way the motorcycle had landed.

The carelessness of the A-Hole towing the bike trailer and not securing the tire properly almost cost my friend his life. I feel that Berry's years of experience riding, which included some flat tracking and riding in the dirt helped him to make the right decisions in a bad situation. He was wearing full leathers and gloves all of which took a serious beating and did their job of protecting his skin. He survived with a injured wrist, some bruises and scratches.

The bike was totaled, we had to find a motel, get him a doctor, get the bike back to Alabama and a host of other problems because of another motorcyclist's carelessness. This was not the first thing we encountered when leaving Sturgis which included a young girl on a cell phone in the left lane doing 10 miles per hour under the limit, the usual truck tire casings, cooler lid tops and even two bags of trash that we had to s turn to get past, vehicles towing trailers with motorcycles on them cutting in front of motorcycles causing them to brake sharply and on and on.

Some of these things we deal with on a daily basis But We Should Not Have To Deal With Other Motorcycle People Doing Them.


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