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Many of today's riders were weaned on the 74 and 80 inch Shovelhead design engines.

Shovels were the first Harley engine style to benefit from extensive aftermarket development and refinement. Accordingly, our Shovel combinations put out more HP per cubic inch than the previous two styles.

The compact Shovelhead design fits in most aftermarket chassis and is a beautiful motor for show or street duty. All the quirks related to the original Shovel design have been engineered away in these fully-capable, refined and powerful units.

Shovelhead engines are available as special order only.


Standard Configurations
3.625"   Bore 4.500" Stroke  93 Cubic Inches
3.8125" Bore 4.500" Stroke 103 Cubic Inches

We also stock and sell parts for our engines!
Carbs, Ignition Systems, Cylinders, Cylinder Heads, Oil Pumps,
Oil Filter Adapters,  Gearcase Covers,
D-Rings, Gaskets and More!

Additional configurations on request.

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