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Generator Case Oil Filter Adapter Kit

Accurate Engineering's Oil Filter Adapter Kit is designed to fit all Harley-Davidson style Big Twin engines using generator right and alternator left cases.

The adapter is CNC machined from 6061 aluminum, then chrome plated to a beautiful luster. The unit provides easier filter access for improved maintenance and longer engine life when properly serviced. Tapped for 1/8" NPT, the unit comes complete with oil line fittings. The adapter will also accept AN fittings if desired. Chrome allen bolts are included for fast, easy mounting. Once attached, the adapter provides a finished look that balances the space formerly occupied by the generator.

The adapter kit comes complete with chrome oil filter (not shown), gasket, bolts and fittings. Mounts easily and quickly with standard hand tools.

Instructions are included.

Oil Pump Pressure Relief Plunger Tool

Accurate Engineering's oil pump pressure relief plunger tool is designed to safely remove the pressure relief plunger from the oil pump without damaging the oil pump bore.

Easily overcomes hydraulic locking of the plunger when inspecting an oil pump that is in service or for plungers that are stubborn to remove for one reason or another. Far superior to using a magnet. Aids in the priming of oiling system before start-up. For use on all Big Twin aluminum oil pumps, OEM and aftermarket.

Made of aluminum and steel, this tool when used correctly, will last a lifetime.

CNC Machined Ductile Iron Cylinders

Accurate Engineering announces the availability of their CNC Machined Ductile Iron Cylinders. Engineered to the highest standards with extra consideration given to clearances for pushrod tubes, circuit breakers, exhaust flanges, intake hardware, and assembly tool fitment.

The material used is the best ductile iron available for this application. Precision machined for square decks with straight and true bores. The cylinder bases are drilled for a 3/8" studs instead of a 7/16" stud. 7/16" to 3/8" step studs on the cylinder bases allow for plenty of strength at the base nut relief even after they are bored to their final size. Available in 3.500", 3.625" and 3.8125" bores and lengths to accommodate a variety of strokes.

Beautifully coated in a durable gloss black finish. These cylinders are designed to fit Panhead and Shovelhead style engines and they are available in finished or unfinished bores.

Cylinders include precision-made step studs and chrome 12 point base nuts. Complete with instructions and installation tips.

Panhead Overhead Oil Line

No Taiwan stuff here! This is the solution for stock 63-65 OEM Panheads on aftermarket cases or STD afetmarket Panheads on aftermarket cases.

This beautiful oil line runs behind the pushrod tubes and has proper clearance for all carbretors. Made from surgical stainless steel it measures .190" o.d. x .125" I.D. The oil line is laser welded and checked for obstructions with a .093" ball bearing and then polished to a brilliant finish.

Kit includes oil line, chrome straight and 90 degree fittings, oil line sleeves and instructions.

This is the only oil line for Panheads!

Windowed Degree Wheel

Accurate Engineering's "Windowed" Degree Wheel kit is designed specifically for all Harley-Davidson style engines. This 14" wheel has the unique advantage of access to the timing hole and can be used to check ignition timing, flywheel timing marks, T.D.C./front and rear, as well as cam and breather timing.

Adjustable pointer, 130 degree open window, and shaft adapter make this the most accurate, user friendly Degree Wheel ever offered for Harley-Davidson style engines. The Windowed wheel also features subject areas to write in your specifications. complete with Big Twin adapter, adjustable pointer, dry erase pen and instructions.

Three Bolt Exhaust Flange Kit

Three bolt exhaust flanges for STD Shovelheads and Panheads. Made from U.S. steel, these flanges are laser cut assuring proper dimensions. By using one of these kits and two extra flanges, you can convert Knuckleheads and iron head Sportsters to 3 bolt flanges.

Kit comes complete with two flanges, six 5/16(18)x1" stainless steel bolts, six lock washers, and two copper gaskets. These kits fit 1.750" o.d. pipes.

Welding is required.

Accurate Engine Stands

Accurate Engineering's Engine Stand for Big Twins and XL engines are made with the engine builder in mind. There is plenty of clearance underneath for Delkron cases even while using a torque wrench. Oil line fittings are in plain view and the engine stand bolt holes are elongated for quick and easy engine mounting.

These stands are laser cut, CNC bent and they come with a durable bright red finish. The stands bolt right up to the Accurate Engineering work stand to make engine building a painless process. Work stands are sold separately. >

Panhead Rocker Arm Bushings

CNC machined from mil spec. 7075-T651 aluminum to fit OEM and aftermarket Panheads. Features include 360 degree oiling and special oiling of thr rocker arm shaft with a .015 deep oil resevoir. Top bearing cap is machined for clearance with OEM or aftermarket Pan covers. Bolt/stud holes are clearanced for proper tool and hardware fitment.

Designed to be used in applications that demand the best, these rocker arm bushings are made with quality, performance and longevity in mind. Accurate Engineering Attitude Cap One size fits all part # AE-0017 Price $15.95 A finely detailed embroidered cap with the Accurate Engineering Logo on front and "Attitude is Everything" on the rear

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